Erik van der Giessen

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+31-50-363 8046/8047
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+31-50-363 4886
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University of Groningen
Department of Applied Physics
Materials Science Center
Micromechanics of Materials Group
Nijenborgh 4
9747 AG Groningen
The Netherlands

Research Field

My research field is micromechanics of materials. The general objective of the field is to provide quantitative relations between the structure of materials on a "microscopic" scale and their "macroscopic" mechanical properties, i.e. the so-called structure-property relationships. Computational modelling is a key step in developing such relationships.

This research is carried out together with a number of Ph.D. students and post-docs, as one can see in the Micromechanics Home Page. What this has led to so far, can be found on the list of publications.

Recent Events

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Curriculum vitae

May 12, 1959Born in Rotterdam
1971 – 1977High school education at De Lage Waard in Papendrecht
October 31, 1983Mechanical engineering degree (M.Sc.) from Delft University of Technology
September 24, 1987Ph.D. from the same university. Title of thesis "Models in nonlinear thermomechanics: finite element models and constitutive models for large deformation elastoplasticity"
1988-1991 Research Fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW)
1988visiting research scientist at the Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Department of Solid Mechanics (prof. Viggo Tvergaard).
1992 – 2000Professor of Continuous Media and New Materials at Delft University of Technology (first in Mechanical Engineering, from 1997 also in Materials Science).
1993 visiting professor at Brown University, Providence, R.I., USA (prof. Alan Needleman).
1999 – 2000VUB chair of the Free University Brussels, Belgium
2000 member of Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
2001 – ...professor of Micromechanics of Materials at the University of Groningen (department of Applied Physics).
2004 Fellow of the Institute of Physics

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